Got a new writing app

So, finally I decided to invest in a new app. An app made specifically for writing. Made for the Mac to begin with, and now brought to iOS; Scrivener. I just started it, and made it through the introduction. This is certainly quite another beast than word or pages. I decided to write the translation to Swedish of book two in the Bergsgatan trilogy, 'Elvis & Chlôe', on it. Now, I merely wrote the introduction. But nevertheless it feels very good. The possibilities seem endless. One of my favourite items is definitely the research folders paired with each document. As I write each chapter as a document, there will be the synopsis and the research within arm's length. Very handy. I also set up the link to Dropbox, good for backup as well as synch, as I most definitely aim to invest in the Mac version also, for the MacBook Pro.if anybody reads this and ponders getting a new tool, consider Scrivener. It is definitely worth the discrete cost.

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