Jazz and Helnwein

So. Summer is here once again. I have taken vacation for July. There are two things I will do during the upcoming two weeks; see a couple of concerts at 'Jazz a Juan' in Antibes, and see afabulousexhibition in Bleiburg, Austria. It's a Helnwein exhib. 'Kind'. He is one of the most fabulous painters alive today, and my hero. When I saw an article about this exhib I just decided I'll bethe.Like I said when I learned Wayne Shorter will play in Antibes. Those two events within a two week period of time. It's unbelievable.

The days will be filled with setting up the new novel in scrivener. I'll sit at cafès outlining it and starting each chapter a number of lines. That's a method I find working great for me. First a file for each chapter, a brief synopsis in each file. Each chapter/ file connected to a post it note on scrivener's cork board. Makes my messy mode of writing so much easier. Then of course the project, the book, all files, saved in Dropbox. So one may write on the iPads or the MacBook. Whichever feels good. And while out traveling nothing can disappear. It's perfect.

It's summer again. It'll be the greatest time ever. Helnwein. Shorter. Sun. Cafès. The sea. Isn't life swell...

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