Across the Universe


The English translation of Bergsgatan 21;  Across the Universe, is published. A tale of an existence so 'otherly' and undoubtedly bizarre the reader feels him/herself leaving this world, entering the beyond, to talk with uncle Paul Erik.

As Elvis, one of the heroes in this wreck pulled down by guilt of association would perhaps express it; "As long as there is coffee. Is there coffee?" Or as Chlôe, the other hero, might have retorted; "It will be ok. By the way, wasn't that the unpleasant man with the limousine?"

We get to follow our wonderfully odd heroes on a trip from Kungsholmen island in Stockholm, Sweden, to somewhere across the known universe. How we get there?

Not by space shuttles, rockets or ufos. We get there by walking endless office corridors. We pass a number of lethal cafés on the way, minuscule coffee rooms along the corridors. We go by unknown and known doors to parts of existence revealing it all as an illusion. What if the world is, de facto, a theatre decoration, woven by tiny nano weavers controlled by repairmen on scooters traveling the backside. What if nothing is really what it appears to be? What if Parté were right; what if everything is created within each of us, at any given moment? What if, finally, the love connecting two individuals, one with roots in Stockholm and the other with family from Sicily, what if that love would prove to be the only carrier of any truth and reality at all?

What if?

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Elvis & Chlôe


So I just got an email telling how the second book in English, Elvis & Chlôe, have been released to Amazon kindle store and iBooks at Apple. Also in the USA and Canada if I'm not misinformed. Very nice. So if you have or are reading the above book, Across the Universe, you now know there is another one, so you do not have to say goodbye to the crazy universe they exist in. Stig and Lola, the holograms, are back, hello sailor, as it were. Endless corridors, sex, and a gigantic universal library, this and some senseless murders, South African gangsters and Sicilian la famiglia. This I can promise you. Just follow this link to get to my shop at either amazon or iTunes/iBooks. Hold on to your hat, lest you lose it...

ISBN: 9789176991855

Business as Usual


Yes. The third and final book is published. Business as Usual is the continued madness. Our heroes have to save the universe as such and travel to the ends of Being as such with their friend the French philosopher Partre. The chess party that keeps the cogs of the antique clockwork going has stalled. This calls for a trip into Being as such. It is outstanding. I think you might enjoy it.

ASIN is: B07C3TYH95 is the place and Skei is the scribe.


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